Cat Person or Dog Person?

Animal people tend to arrive at one camp or another, leash or litter box in tow, at some point before the age of 30. Either you’re a dog person or a cat person. You may have the random cat or dog here along the way but you tend to fall into one camp or another sooner rather than later. To get a first cat or first dog long after the age of thirty or even twenty five is not unheard of but is somewhat of curiosity. And not a good curiosity. Not like the curiosity you would have about new restaurant in a dodgy part of town but more like when you wonder who that schizophrenic homeless person is really screaming at.

For the longest time I was a cat lover. Cats are easy to love for all the things they’re not: not smelly, not dirty, not dependent.   They’re not hard to take care of, not hard to have taken care of. For the most part, they’re not noisy either. And they’re not going to need walks, not going to need runs and not going to need kitty kindergarten or kitty obedience classes. And they do not require time with others of their species to make them feel whole.

For reasons still unbeknownst to me, however, somewhere around my 46th birthday I decided I wanted a dog. I became the curiosity. This was technically not going to be my first dog but let’s say the first dog I’ve had since I’ve had my adult teeth.

Not exactly a biological clock but something was ticking inside and pushing me to listen. “You won’t understand why until much later but trust me, you need a dog.” And so I became obsessed with getting a dog. I began quizzing dog owners about their dogs, questioning the different breeds, wondering where I’d fit a dog into my home and my life in the most obsessive and specific ways possible. Where would I place the food bowl? Would the plant stand in my small bedroom need to be replaced with a crate?

And finally, how many plastic bags, exactly, does one need when you have a dog?  Will I need to go shopping more often?


One Response to “Cat Person or Dog Person?”

  1. H and H Says:

    I used to be a cat person until I developed a severe allergy. (Lived with cat, eyes streaming, until old age caught up with him, but after he died I knew there would be no more cats.) Greyhounds are a lot like huge cats, they want to hunt at dusk and dawn, and they sleep the rest of the time. But you will need a lot of plastic bags for the poop – a roll of nappy bags is good!

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