I Heart Skinny Dogs

Some Supermodels On Break


Somewhere along the line I read an article about rescuing retired Greyhounds. This stuck with me for the longest time. Or at least longer than any other dog related thing I’d come across. For starters, I liked how Greyhounds resembled cats in so many ways: they’re clean, they don’t smell and after one quick sprint or less they curl up in little balls on the couch and sleep quietly the rest of the day.  And, with the number being put down each year from the racetracks, I could save a life. I wanted me a big old 45 mile per hour couch potato with tattoos in his ears.

I Googled “Greyhound rescue” and came up with the requisite number of results one always gets from Google whether it be Greyhound or alien rescue: 1,765,456.

In the end, I found a local group that was having a meet-and-greet the following weekend. Bingo.

I brought my boyfriend, P., to the meet-and-greet. Note: I *brought* him. I did not drag, coerce, beg or force him to go with me. He was supportive in the best way. He wanted to be there for me but didn’t want to take over. He’d served his two decades with two different rescue German Shepherds and he was more than willing to let me take the reins.

We approached a group of about ten hounds and their owners, all sitting beneath a large canopy that provided everyone with enough shade from the sun. I’ll state the obvious: these dogs are skinny. They’re the supermodels of the dog world sans the cigarettes and  crack habit. They’re all tall, lanky and gorgeous—at least to me. Some people think Greyhounds, like supermodels, need to eat a cheeseburger and put on some lbs. But they are naturally thin and built for speed.

Given their lack of fat and their thin skin, they were mostly happy to huddle in the shade where temperatures were moderate.  

It was hard to imagine any of these dogs running anywhere at any time. They hardly moved except to adjust their sleeping position. I was told that when they do sprint, it might last a minute or two and then they remember they are retired and go lay down.

Perfect. I wanted a relaxed, retired dog—pretty much the opposite of my own temperament and situation.   I was still nervous but I completed my application online and hit send.


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