A Little Help From My Friends…For Life


“I got you your Greyhound.” My friend, S. was calling.


Just minutes earlier I had spoken to her. She happened to be at the dog park with her very sweet and decrepit pit bull Sundance, when I told her about my failed arranged marriage. Halfway through the story she had to hang up and call me back later as she spotted some dude with three Greyhounds.

Coincidence or was the universe babbling again?  

Turns out this dude and his wife were volunteers with Greyhound Friends For Life (www.greyhoundfriendsforlife.org)  These guys would let me choose a dog, even have a few dates if I wanted. And if things didn’t work out, they would take him back—not gladly necessarily but they would take him back.  Alpha Boy, the pack leader from the other group, basically said he’d take the dog back but would wring my neck in the process.

I called his wife that weekend to chat about Greyhounds–to get more insight. Two phone batteries later, I put in my application with the new place. I waited 15 seconds, got the call and there I was. Again. On the phone being interviewed.

But this time we actually got as far as setting up a home visit. Not unlike adopting a child, these people want to make sure their dogs get placed in homes that will work for them.  The person doing the home visit was available any time, day or night. Availability, like a Best Western you’d find in some small town in Montana, was open wide. If I’d have asked, “Does five minutes from now work for you?” the answer would have been, “I can make it in four.”


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