Déjà Llew

My birthday closed in on me fast. Not only would there be a show down between Llew and Sundance, but there would be an audience to witness it. I had invited a group of friends to share pizza, cake and possibly some flying fur, depending.

Sundance, amiable old guy that he is, ambled up the front steps walked through the house and politely stopped in his path when he saw the Grey One sitting on the patio out back. Sundance, trying hard to be polite, gingerly took a step forward.


Lllew gave a repeat peformance of the other night. He hissed, growled and puffed up. But the feeling of déjà vu  really amplified when he suddenly lunged on top of Sundance’s back. Sundance barked but LLew wasn’t budging. I saw the message in Llew’s green eyes; he was saying to Sundance, “Oh yeah? You want a piece a me??”

I ended up having to peal Llewis, once again, off of a dog—this time a pit bull. I let him down and, stupid me, he lunged again. This second time when I pulled him off I held him allowing Sundance some time to escape the madness. In doing so, in holding him down, Llew managed to carve a few happy birthdays into my arm.

Sundance trotted back into the living room remarkably un-phased which, of course made everyone love him more.

 “You know you can’t have a dog. You simply cannot.” my friend Wendy declared, somewhat shaken by what had happened.

“Yeah…well, maybe if…”

No, she said. You can’t.

As parental as that all sounded I knew she was right. Greyhound, Pit Bull, Malamute, Schnauzer, I needed to face the reality that Llew’s tastes in dogs weren’t breed or age specific: he hated  them all equally and passionately.  

I’m not sure but I think we sang Happy Birthday and ate cake. Or maybe the part of me that was scared to get a dog sang in delight and the part of me that wanted one sat back quietly rubbing at the bloody claw marks on my arm.


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