It’s All About Me. And Her.


Yeah, Stella’s around. And yeah, she’s doing great. She’s the best dog ever and not because she’s perfect—far from it–but only because she’s mine.

Anyway, this entry isn’t about HER. It’s about ME. I’m back from the dead albeit I still have this hoarsey, Kathleen Turneresque voice. I’ve decided that, after three weeks with this voice, I may permanently own it.

Or, if I could give it a few days complete voice rest, I could wave buh bye to the Body Heat voice and welcome my old self back. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from having lost my voice it’s this: I have a big mouth. And I do not seem to want to shut up. I’ll painfully squeak out every last syllable even if it costs me another week in laryngitic hell.

But aside from that, I’m back.

Taking my place amongst the living, swimming hard, running hard and breathing like a normal person makes me feel, well, alive. The one dog related thing I will talk about since this is a doggie bloggie is: TGFDD.

Thank Gawd For Doggie Daycare.

In the first few dire months of having Stella, after one doozie of a fight with my beloved about caring for her, I decided that I, or rather, we, needed help.

We researched and visited a few places and decided to go with a doggie daycare place that was small, well managed and, when you walked in, aside from the barks here and there, you had no idea dogs were on the premises. That’s how clean this place is.

In addition to some help in the beginning taking her off my hands here and there as a puppy I’ve found doggie daycare to be perfect for times when you’ve just got too much on your plate for the day and you do not want to crate the critter for hours on end. You can have yourself a productive, guilt-free day while your pooch hangs with her peers.

I’ve used doggie daycare when I’ve had company visiting. When I’ve had too many work obligations. And when, most recently, I’ve been sick. It’s a dream come true. While you sweat out your 102 degree fever in bed, unable to read or even watch T.V. the people of doggie daycare are watching, playing with and socializing your beast.

What a blessing. To be allowed to be spew, hurl and sweat in peace and quiet.

This happened with the flu most recently and a quickie case of food poisoning a few months ago. I was never more appreciative of doggie daycare as a service until I was too sick—sick as a dog in fact—to really deal with Stella.

And that, my dear doggie friends, is my plug for DD. The only downside: It’s not cheap. If you buy the 20 pack at my place you can get it for $25/day. So while I don’t go there super regularly, it’s a great resource to have in your back pocket when you need it.

As I feel better I am gearing up for a trip. It’s a trip where I may get to hear zebras bark. Any guesses as to where I’m going??


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