Doggie Munchausen Syndrome (AKA I’m Poisoning My Dog)

So I write this whole post about Stella’s aloof behavior. And yes, she can be aloof. But really, I think this may have been influenced by the fact that I’ve been poisoning her for the past couple of weeks.

Not intentionally of course. But Id’ been giving her fish oil to help with her coat and her nails and, well, if three squirts (the recommended dose) are good, aren’t six better? And ten even better than that?

As Stella lapped up the oil, each day she became more aloof. I was stumped.  First you cry. Then you blog. And then you go to the cheap clinic ($14 to chat with a vet) to see if this all might not be in her head–and mine.

“She’s just not herself. I mean she’s not a licky dog, she’s no Lab, but she seems depressed” I told the vet.

The vet checked her head to toe, stuck a thermom up her butt, listened to her heart and declared her in perfect health. “Anything new you’re feeding her?”

I told her of the fish oil.

Turns out some dogs can get gastritis–very painful. And Greyhounds in particular can have a very hard time with too much oil and fat. Little did I know I was on my way to killing Stella in search of a better coat and nails. The price we pay for beauty.

One week later, no fish oil at all, and she’s back to her old/young self. 

Lesson learned: more is not better–in fact, even any at all may not be.



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