Stella’s Got Her Limp On

Finally, I stop poisoning the dog and life seems pretty good–at least for the next 72 hours.

But last night, when we came back from a party, she emerged from her crate with something new: a limp.  She was 100% when I put her in and out she comes, a few hours later, gimpy.

Today–same thing. Limping.

I take her into the cheapo vets–the “clinic” and they say she’s sprained her carpus (wrist) and it’s likely she twisted it in the crate.

This dog is fine to run like a maniac on cliffs but decides to twist up in her crate. The best laid plans, as they say…

This means no exercise for two weeks–nada. Only a brief jaunt to close some deals and that’s IT. I don’t know who this is going to be harder on–her, me or P.






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