I think one reason why many people do not think that Stella is a Greyhound is because, per this blog’s namesake, she’s a cowdoggie: not exactly a holstein–more like a black and white half-stein. And although black and white partis definitely exist in the Grey world and are certainly not nearly as rare as an actual “blue” (grey) Greyhound, the B&Ws must just not be as common.

[Aside: did you know that there are eighteen official colors of Greyounds?]

Anyway, another explanation as to why people don’t think she’s a Greyhound could be that her nose didn’t end up super pointy. She’s somewhat rounded off.

Like look at this picture which was not taken with a fish eye lens:

Hello My Name Is Stella and I'm a Greyound

Hello My Name Is Stella and I'm a Greyound

Her nose is long but it’s more long like a baseball bat vs. long like an arrow. One of her brothers possesses a similar nose. But I believe others in the litter have more appropriate Grey noses. We know her mother was a Grey but the doggie daddy, well, we were told he was a “hunting” Greyhound. Thought: maybe that’s code for Round Nosed Greyhound.

In either case, I love to review the list of what I wanted and what I got:

Wanted: An ex-racer with tatoos in his ears.
Got: A three month old puppy with dirt in her ears.

Wanted: A large male Greyhound.
Got: A medium sized female Greyhound.

Wanted: A mellow boy.
Got: A feisty girl.

Wanted: A dog that wouldn’t need a lot of exercise.
Got: A dog that will turn the house into a racetrack if she doesn’t get her once-a-day turn out. (To be fair, she’s mellow if she does get her turn out.)

Wanted: That classic pointy nose.
Got: See Baseball Bat Nose above.

I thought I wanted all these things but I didn’t get what I wanted. I got what I needed: a pup who has taught me so much about her world and even more about my own. And, when it comes down to it, I kinda like that rounded schnozz of hers.


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