Paws For Reading

I Hate My Therapy Dog Uniform

I Hate My Therapy Dog Uniform

Yesterday I trotted Stella down to the library to do Paws for Reading. This is a program where kids read out loud to your dog. Since most dogs aren’t real picky when it comes to how quickly a kid reads or if their pronunciation is proper, kids find it to be a non-threatening experience. This is especially true for kids who are self conscious about their reading skills.

The way it works: There are usually four dog therapy teams. Kids come in, 20 minutes at a shot, and read to your pup. It’s one on one. One kid to one dog. Usually they allow the kids to pick which dog they want to read to. Interestingly, just like adults, kids gravitate to a huge variety of different dogs…

Some like ’em fluffy
Some like ’em small
And some like ’em skinny
Skinny and tall.

Aside from some rooing over another Grey who was working, Stella was a superstar. And since Stella is tall, I had one little boy actually sitting underneath her crosslegged as she stood. Fool that I am, I did not have my camera and no, my phone, purchased back in the Stone Ages (18 months ago) has no camera. The pic here I took from home where I could force Stella to put on the uniform for five seconds while I snapped a picture. I’ve come to learn that Stella hates clothes so the $25 I spent on the uniform, aside from this photo, was pretty much a waste.

In regards to Hannibal TeethFace, she’s gone for now. But she’s never had issues with people. And, in fact, seems to love kids–must be the equal height issue. Not for one second do I ever worry about her around a child. They can pound her, be up in her grill, grab her by the neck–and not one sign ofTeethFace–ever.


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