A Staunch Nudist?

This evening, after a dozen or so dips into the ocean, Stella began to shiver. It made me think: maybe, just maybe, she’d wear some houndie clothing.

So when I got home I got out the old whippet coat. Here’s what she looked like in it at four months:

I Hate Clothes.

Big surprise, one year later….

I Still Hate Clothes

I Still Hate Clothes

…there’s not a chance of getting this Greyound into whippet wear.

Other than these two photos and being able to make the observation that she’s grown, this $25 fleece was never used.

Falling under the category of Hope Springs Eternal, I’m about to throw some more money away as I simply cannot resist getting a Greyhound hoodie.


One Response to “A Staunch Nudist?”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Oh, Stella looks so pretty in her purple too. My dogs don’t like clothes either. Your post came up as others similar articles under a friend’s post. Here are our links.


    I have always loved animals and my grandparents and I rescued sooooo many when I was growing up, but the search for the missing whippet showdog Vivi brought me back to animal rescue and trying to help God’s creatures through the internet. My arthritis had limited me very much otherwise. Hope you visit sometime. I have a special fondness in my heart for whippets after loving Vivi for so long.

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