Knocked Up: The First In A Maybe Series

I suddenly got the urge to try and do this Where Are They Now piece and get some pics up of all of Stella’s littermates as adults.

Okay, so the urge struck a few weeks ago and then I got distracted (the failing economy can be absorbing when you run your own business) but hell, the world can’t stop blogging just because the country’s going broke. I mean, get it into perspective here.

For those who don’t follow this blog, Stella is a Greyhound rescue. But she was rescued as a puppy. This is highly unusual as most Greyhounds are rescued from a track experience which means that they are generally two years old and up. But for the first time in twenty years, Greyhound Friends For Life actually had an entire litter from Califorinia’s central valley come into the rescue. There were nine in total: four cowdoggies, four all black pups and one blue (also known as grey.)

So how did a litter of Greyhound pups come into the hands of Greyhound Friends For Life?

The story I heard was that a family got a female off the tracks in Mexico. Note: soon after I published this entry I received word that this female was never raced but was a courser being trained on cats for an eventual career in coyote hunting.

This family also had a male Greyhound at home for hunting (as far as I’ve heard to date, anyway.) So big surprise, with neither dog fixed, the female got knocked up. Nine pups later, the family was overwhelmed and decided that they were going to drown the litter versus dealing with raising or adopting everyone out. A neighbor got wind of this, scooped the lot of ’em up and eventually they landed in the capable hands of Greyhound Friends For Life.

The first pic in this Where Are They Now series is a photo of the mom, Emma. When I met Emma she was mostly tired: tired of the heat, tired of nursing, tired of her progeny bugging her day and night. And where all pups got scooped nearly instantly, poor mom took slower to adopt out.

But good things come to those who wait and I’ve heard that Emma found herself an amazing forever home with a couple up in the Northwest. She loves them, they love her and she can live life unfettered and pup free.



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