Rainy Days and Sundays

Rainy days and Mondays do not get me down. Rainy days actually don’t bother me much at all. In fact, rain on a Sunday makes me feel justified in sitting front of the television during the day—something I rarely do as it just doesn’t feel right. It’s like having a banana split and a cigarette chaser at nine in the morning. Yuck.

The problem though is this: Stella usually gets a long run with me in the park on Sundays. It’s her time to go 8 miles plus whatever extra jaunts she gets herself into. But today it’s raining hard and it’s cold and because she doesn’t belong to a gym like I do, there’s no treadmill workout in store for her. All she’s getting will be the mandatory elimination walks.

So far, Stella has destroyed nothing more than Llewis’ ability to take a long nap. She can’t seem to nap alongside him in bed. She’s just too amped up. I guess it’s like trying to fall asleep next to someone you’re super attracted to. Stella keeps pretending she’s looking away and then she looks at him. Then she can’t stand it anymore and she begins to lick him in the face. Finally, as if Llewis hasn’t gotten the message already, she starts to bark at him and gets into full play position.

This pillow talk generally lasts less than three minutes with Llewis hopping off the bed in search of a corner of the house not occupied by a black and white Greyhound. Dazed and rejected, Stella does what she does when she’s out of anymore interesting options: she comes to me. Maybe I’ve got something she can eat. Or maybe I’ll rub her belly.

Or, maybe, if her skinny dog prayers are truly answered, I’ll suddenly decide that there’s nothing I’d rather do than lace up my sneakers, don seven layers of clothing and go for a ten mile run in the pouring rain with her loveliness at my side.

Dream on, girl. If you want to find me, look for the person sitting in front of the television inhaling a banana split—or two.


One Response to “Rainy Days and Sundays”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Ha! Glad you didn’t chase it with a ciggarette!

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