The Michael Phelps Of Sleeping

If there were a sleeping event in the Olympics, I believe Stella would bring home the Gold. Every time. Whether it’s a couch roach, bed curl or a snooze-fest in the car, this dog would end up with more bling around her neck than Michael Phelps.

Not to say that I hadn’t been warned. How many times have I heard that Greyhounds are the 45 mile-per-hour couch potato? Everyone who has a retired racer remarks on how cleary these dogs understand the meaning of retirement. Most recently while listening to a piece on rescuing all those hounds in Guam, I heard someone say, “Well, you know how it goes. Adopt a Greyhound. Lose a couch.”

Maybe because we got a Greyhound puppy or maybe because she never had a career to retire from, I figured she would not morph into, well, a Greyhound. But I’m here to tell you, that day has arrived. And it is on this day that I finally understand all those things they say about lazy Greyhounds. Stella sleeps so deeply, so regularly, so much of the time I often feel like we are living with a critically ill patient who is not to be disturbed 22 hours of the day.

Or that she is training, and training hard, for her events in 2012.



2 Responses to “The Michael Phelps Of Sleeping”

  1. Paul Ferreira Says:

    Sue, I’ve not been reading your blog lately. Glad I did today. Loved Stella’s pics and the latest news. See you soon, Paul.

  2. Bitter Critter « Dog Virgin Diaries Says:

    […] sleepin twentythreeseven dreamin bout bones rainin from heaven she’s a bitter critter bitter critter bitter […]

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