Sundance: 10/1/1994-11/7/2009

Sundance, the gentle pit that quietly stood by while Llewis lunged onto his back and dug his nails in, died last night. He just celebrated his quinceanera which, for any dog, let alone a pure bred pit, is a long life. Lucky for all parties involved, he spent every day with a family that loved and embraced him fully.

A few months back I asked this new acquaintance if he had a dog. He told me he was “tired of playing god” after he had to put his last dog down. That was it for him. It was just too painful to do again. When we reflect back on the number of days, months and years that our pets give us and weigh that against the grief of having to let them go, honestly, in the moment of loss, you can understand exactly what he meant. No, you think, maybe it wasn’t better to have loved and lost. Maybe it would be better to never have loved at all.

As for me, as much as I struggle with this issue, I hope that I can embrace what I have and face, at the time when I must, letting go. Because if I don’t, I myself will die having foregone the beauty of having all these wonderful souls enter my life because I feared losing them too much. So for now I hope that by being deeply sad, by allowing the grief to wash over, wave upon wave, eventually, I and we will heal.

And it is with this thought that I also hope that some day, when the waves have subsided, that my friend Sari may be able enjoy another wonderful dog in her life. I want this for her but for me too. I need to have some faith in the healing process of grief and renewal.

As for now, Sundance (aka Uncle Humper) leaves a big big hole in Sari, Alan and Reba’s hearts. And mine too. A gentle, stoic soul, the Mahatma Gandhi of pitbulls, he will be missed.


One Response to “Sundance: 10/1/1994-11/7/2009”

  1. Carla Benoist Says:

    My Sammy, Uncle Sammy, made it to 14 years and 3 months. He left me on June 5th of this year after 8 years of incredible companionship –I’m a Greyhound person. But Sammy brought me into the world of Pitbull Education and Rescue as well, and at least two of my Greyhound friends have adopted some type of pitbull because of him. Several of my Pitbull friends have adopted Greyhounds as well.

    Because I rescued him I learned that my father, who died at age 90 in 2003, had always wanted an American Pitbull Terrier. Sammy was the last canine visitor before my Mom died in 2006.

    I have lost so many dogs and people in this decade that it’s easy to get mesmerized by the sadness of it all — but I know I’ll never live without a dog in my life. And when you work at it, you can choose to view it as How Amazing it has been that I had so many in my life who I loved and who loved me in return.

    So adding my goodbyes to Sundance — who I am certain was a Hugely Special Soul in this life and is a wonderfully special soul on the other side as well. I’m also sending healing thoughts from me and my 3 sighthounds — and I’m sure from Uncle Sammy, my best friend.

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