The Greyhound And The Missing Fortune Cookie

So we ordered Chinese food a few days ago. It’s not one of our main options but between the weather dipping below sixty and our motivation to cook hovering at its usual low, we decided to order up. I love this particular place for its hot and sour soup. And for its take-out menu which plainly states: open seven days a week, closed Sundays.

Despite the fact that I specified that the rice was for two, I must have ordered enough food to feed an army as we got an army’s share of fortune cookies. Well, an army of four anyway.

Time passed–maybe a few days. And I realized we’d forgotten about the cookies. But arriving home New Years Eve, I re-discovered the cookies and brought them out. Pete ate one, I ate two. Distracted, we forgot about the fourth fortune cookie sitting on the coffee table. Stella, however, had thought of nothing but that cookie for what was probably a good solid two, three hours. Where we had moved on to talking about the evening, watching Larry King make a douche bag out of himself, and re-runs of the Housewives Of Orange County, Stella never, ever lost track of her focus: that fortune cookie.

At some point, Pete got up to get something to drink. And I must have gotten up to get ready for bed. Which left Stella alone. Well, not exactly alone. Stella was left with her fortune cookie. While we did not witness the fortune cookie massacre, we are certain of its occurrence as the next day we found, sitting there on her pillow Stella’s fortune. A bit chewed up but still completely legible the fortune read:

It’s time to treat yourself to something special.


3 Responses to “The Greyhound And The Missing Fortune Cookie”

  1. wella Says:

    Perfect! Stella deserved that cookie.

  2. Shannon Says:

    heheh, nice. And you said douchebag

  3. Bitter Critter « Dog Virgin Diaries Says:

    […] a bitter critter a pi**er and a shi**ter eat a fortune cookie just for luck today’s your day, dog, you’ll whack a duck she’s a bitter critter a […]

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