Whine Country

A few weeks ago Pete went back east to visit his sister. Which left me alone with the hound for a few days. Since she’s mostly a big zero, no problem. She does little, requires little and offers about as much interaction as a toaster oven.

So it was with some surprise that when I crated her the second night after Pete was gone she began whining. It wasn’t ear piercingly loud. It was just loud enough to be annoying. I think she understands the difference and leverages it. Anyway, it became not incessant but fairly constant.

Eventually I released her from her crate to see what she’d do. Would she go have a drink, something to eat, knock on the door to go pee? No, no and no. She simply sashayed over to Mount Bedrest and passed out.


The next night, nothing. She just slept through. And the same for most nights after that. So it wasn’t related to Pete leaving.

Fast forward a few weeks, Pete is back, no changes but this week, here we go again. The past two nights, she just whines. Pete changed her bedding–cleaned it up a bit–but still the whining. She’s spent every night of her life (except one when she was a cone head) being crated. But as we head to her fourth year she’s becoming a whino, much like her brothers Keegan and Oscar, who I have heard, from their owners, have moved permanently up to Whine Country.

Time to Google this I think.


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