The Bailout Blues

We interrupt this regularly scheduled dog blog because I’m pissed off.

Where’s Mine

I’ve never gone bankrupt
And I’ve always paid my bills,
I’ve lived my life within my means
Without a lot of frills.

I coulda bought a great big house
Back in two thousand six,
With a NINA loan I could have owned
A McMansion—or two—or six.

The credit was a flowing
Faster than the Colorado,
No one could see the end of it
No one thought about tomorrow.

But tomorrow’s come
I’m nearly numb
The Dow’s tumbling every day,
We’ve got Obama
No fuss, no drama
But can he help us find our way?

We’re bailing out AIG
We’re bailing out the banks,
But what about folks like me
Where’s our bail out–where’s our thanks?

Seems the reward for paying taxes,
The reward for being good,
Is to help those who didn’t
Live better than we ever could.


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